Hi Diane,
Just to update you on our puppy....
She is doing very well and I wanted to let you know that our vet was very complimentary regarding your excellent puppy care.
Maya is growing like a weed and she has a lovely personality. She loves to play fetch and can do it for hours. She also enjoys our big back yard and tears around at high speeds when outside. We really enjoy having her in our family. It is doubly a blessing as we had to put our other little girl down unexpectedly shortly after Maya arrived. She has been a real balm to our sadness and provides us with many laughs.

Hope all is well with you!  Last time I spoke with you, you had a new granddaughter.  Hope all is well with her & mommy.  Just wanted to touch base with you & tell you how happy we are with Abby.  She has turned out to be the cutest dog we have seen.  We just had her to the groomer this past Friday.  She is a very lovable puppy & we are in puppy classes every Monday night for 8 weeks.  All 6 other dogs are big puppy’s & when they bark she just looks at them.  They are all huge compare to her.  She seems to pick up very fast on things they are showing us.  Abby has brought so much happiness to the Schmidt house, can’t explain how much we love her.  The last two weekends she has traveled with us to Ft McMurray & travels very well.  She just loves meeting new people.  A lot of our family hasn’t met Abby as yet.  Marc & Shannon love her & when they come over she runs to the door & gets so excited to see them.  George gets lots of licks when we get home from work.  We are so happy we picked her.  George now says, how did we ever go without her, he was the one that said no dog again.  I plan to send you a picture soon, Marc & Shannon took some pictures of her on Friday night.  Marc is suppose to be sending us by email.


Thanks again for such a little cutie Diane


The Schmidt Family

Hi Diane,
We got our puppy from you a almost 2 weeks since we bought our puppy from you, and just want to say that we love her.  We have named her Ginger Bebe and she is just the best dog!  We have already taken her to SK and she was great.  We are wondering if any of her bothers or sister live in St Albert?
Thank you again,
The McGuires
Hi Diane,

Hope you and your family and puppies had a wonderful Christmas. We
have been enjoying every day of our two weeks off but back to work on
Monday - YECH!! Oh well.

Just thought I'd give you a little update on Tia (aka Little Miss).
She has fit into our family quite well. After keeping her in a little
pen next to our beds for her to sleep, we came to the conclusion she
seems happiest when she has the downstairs on her bed. I think she
thinks she is protecting us. She has learned to go both up and down
the stairs so now Chloe has no escape from her. It was kind of funny.
When Chloe wanted a break from her, she would run up the stairs, Tia
would follow and then Chloe would run back down, Tia hadn't figured out
how to get down yet. It took Chloe awhile to totally warm up to her
but now they have lots of fun playing. Tia follows her around all the
time. They have lots of fun playing in the back yard. Tia is quite
funny. She really likes to pounce. She will jump off our bed and go
flying on top of Chloe. Marcel built a ramp for her to go down our 3
deck stairs. Now she just goes running and jumps off the top into the
snow. She has quite a lot of spunk. We figure she will be our
"outgoing" child!! She was approximately 5 pounds when we got her at 4months old,
she is now almost 8.

Thanks again! Have a wonderful 2010.

When I can get my camera connected to download pics, I will send you


Hey Diane,
Just wanted to say thanks again for our second puppy (we named him Lincoln)
he is doing very well and everyone loves him already.
Even Yoda. lol

Thanks Ashley.

Hi Diane

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for  ?Halee?.  We absolutely adore her.  She has a great personality and is treated with royalty.  Thank you so much.  I have attached a recent picture of her for you


Hi Diane!

Thought you might like an update about the little orange liver guy whom we've named Bodhi (bohdee)...

After only a week and a half, our other two dogs and two cats have all adjusted to him joining our family.  Already it's hard to imagine our life without him!

Bodhi's been such a relaxed and even tempered pup, and has warmed up to us very quickly.  He never did use the litter box we set out for him, and has only had a couple minor "accidents" in the house (under the "supervision" of Richard who previously didn't believe that puppies should go outside briefly after waking up from a sleep, eating, or playing!)  Bodhi's so adorable, and such fun to be around.  Everyone who's met him is very impressed with his unique colouring, especially his fur (which makes him challenging to see sometimes, since his fur blends in with our hard-wood floors and he likes to follow close behind our heels!)

Bodhi did develop a bit of a wheez and persistent cough a couple days after getting here, so we're treating him (at our vet's suggestion) with children's "cough management" strips.  This is helping considerably, and he seems to be nicely on the mend.

We can't thank you enough for this wonderful pup!  I'll be sure to forward your contact info. to people who would like a similar shih-tzu fur baby...

All the best,
Theresa in Saskatoon


She loves him! He fits in so well, we all just love him! Stuart (My girls daddy) told Reg(who bought your female pup) he wanted to keep pearl too, and says he wishes we had 2 of the pups!
She wouldnt let me keep the name Harley so the debate was on all day yesterday. We went through alot of names, it came down to Harley, Milo or Moose, but in the end we all agreed on Carlos. He's kindof named after the baby in the movie The Hangover if you've ever seen it. Haha
We waited until there was no presents left and then pretended that we forgot one. I had a bankers box decorated up and I video taped her opening the box and when she seen him she just starred at him and didnt say anything, she was so shocked. I had to ask her what it was...then after about 5 minutes she said "I can't believe you got me a puppy", just sheer disbelief.
I wish I could send you the video but the file is too big. Here's a picture though. I took this about 10 mins after she first seen him. :)
Nicky christmas 2010

Duncan is aweome he weighs now 2.1 kg  and I don't think he will get that much bigger just the way I wanted him to be.  He's very smart he learns quick and is house trained already.He is so good. Heres a picture for you to keep of him hes so cute lol. 
 Jimmy in Edmonton.Alberta This is SUMMER/KOKOS BOY!!

Repeat Customer!

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that me and my boyfriend are totally in love with our chocolate Imperial Shih Tzu that we got from you. We named her Olive! She is a little over 6 months now and is housebroken and learning lots of tricks! She has already had he first heat and we will be booking her in soon to get fixed and have her hernia repaired! She is thee cutest thing and everyone is completely in love with her! She has the best personality! She is quiet, very loving and cuddly as well as playful, smart and really nosey lol. She loves her toys and her bones, but she also loves paper, slippers and tissue lol! She loves to be where everyone is all the time and she loves people! She plays great with other dogs too! Her and my family dog are the best of friends! She doesn't bark at all unless she is being really playful, which is awesome! We have taken her on a few trips to Edmonton and she is the best little traveller, she just sleeps! Every time she gets into a vehicle she falls asleep almost instantly lol. Olive also loves the outdoors a lot, she had a blast camping recently and she could stay outside all day if we let her! She is eating all natural dog food (made with free run chicken, fish and eggs) and she loves it as well as her doggie treats which are also healthy for her! Anyways this is probably more than you wanted to know lol, but I felt the need to let you know how she is doing and how much we are so happy that we have her! She is well taken care of and spoiled rotten and we have even been considering getting her a little friend from you in the future! I've attached some old and recent photos of her for you to see, 
Thanks again,  
Another repeat Customer!

Happy New Year Diane! Hope you enjoyed the Beautiful Christmas Season! Attached is a pic of Sweet Sophie. She enjoys playing with Ryley and follows him everywhere. Sophie is a Delight and Wonderful addittion to our family!!
All the best to you and your family in 2012!
Diane I want to tell you that beat is the best dog in the world! I went to Calgary for the weekend and my inlaws watched smaller kids and bear! They couldn't say enough good things about him! They walked all over town down country roads and he didn't even need a leash he just stays right with you! I need to go on your website post a picture some how and let everyone know what fantastic puppy's you raise so how do I do that?
Wendy from Clyde, Alberta
Here is a  new picture!

Dear Diane,                                                                                                                                                                    
Thank you so much for allowing us to be Munchkins human parents!  She has added so very much to our lives and we love her dearly!  She follows my husband everywhere and this thrills him!   Sophie, our Maltese, is accepting her nicely and they have started playing the chase game together.  Munchkins chases the ball along with Sophie on our walks, however, Munchkins chooses not to relinquish the ball until we get home.  She is eating good and sleeps cuddled into us!  She sure is playful for being almost five!  She is such a calm little dog and not a barker which is lovely.  Are these traits common in this breed?  We are so blessed to have found her! 

Yvonne and Al                                                                                                                                                                Munchkins was retired from my breeding program. I will miss her:) 


Trinket is so smart and so good at pottying on her potty mat!
Here she is just hanging out! Notice the christmas stocking she is hanging in :)One of my Tiny Girls. Second pic is an update of her fully grown @ 5lbs!