Answers to some of your questions!

Question: What is the right dog for me? Should I get a smaller dog? Or a bigger dog?

Answer: That depends on what type of dog you are looking for, and your personal preference. A big dog needs lots of space and wouldn't do well in an apartment, like a small dog would. Shih-Tzu's make wonderful apartment dogs. A Shih-Tzu requires less exercise, thus making it an ideal apartment/town/acreage dog. They do love the outdoors as well! Wherever you go they would like to go! They make for excellent companions! Not only do they come in all sizes they are generally a very healthy hardy pet.

Question: Should I get a male or a female? What makes a better pet.

Answer: This is usually a personal preference, although a male makes a better pet, especially once neutered. Males love you no matter what, females tend to be moody until they are also spayed.

Question: What are special needs/requirements of each of these breeds?

Answer: Shih-Tzu's: They need to be brushed regularly if you are going to keep their coat long. If they have their coat clipped short, they require less brushing. Keeping the hair around the eyes trimmed will help eliminate tearing, also daily wiping of the eyes with a damp cloth.

SPECIAL NOTE!! When taking a new puppy or adult home. remember he/she does not know you yet. You need a bonding time from the moment you get him/her!

Never let a New puppy/adult LOOSE until they know you well enough to

1) Come to you on command

2) Obey you at all times.

Especially with out the confines of a properly fenced yard!

                  House Training Tips:

         House training can be easy or hard, it depends how well you respond to your puppies needs.

- A puppy needs to relieve himself about every two hours, this will get less and less as the puppy gets older.

- Take your puppy out often, especially after he eats or wakes up from a nap.

- When your puppy relieves himself, say 'good puppy' or something similar (lots of praise), so they know they have done the right thing. If he goes in the house say 'no' or shame, and rush him outside. Never hit him as it will make him a permissive wetter (pee as soon as he sees your hand, or whatever you hit him with), this can ruin your house breaking! They are a very sensitive breed to your tone of voice! They strive to please you, so please respect them! No Abuse!

- Take them to the same spot each time and they will eventually know what to do when you take them there, as they naturally will pee over someone else?s urine or poo.

- Feed at regular hours each day. Mornings and early afternoons are best.

If you have any of more of your own questions, feel free to contact me and I will help out the best I can. Thank-you for your interest in my puppies. I find them wonderful pets and companions, and I truly enjoy this breed.